URU The Right To Be, Inc. upholds a long-term commitment to moving the needle on a complex and devastating social problem: the shortage of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and medicine opportunities for women and other marginalized students. Our goal is to change the paradigm in these fields towards future equity.

A major goal of Changing the Face of STEM is creating and strengthening collaborations. URU appreciates that part of true collaboration is expressing value with the people you are collaborating with for mutual benefit. Our current project brings together a select group of policy, health, business, technology, government and academic leaders for an action-oriented discussion aimed at addressing tangible and sustainable solutions in increasing diversity and inclusion in the STEM and medical professions. URU helps these organizations become part of a functioning collaborative, identifying the current barriers and opportunities for change and assist in generating a plan of action to mend a broken paradigm.

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Changing the Face of STEM Education and Engagement Initiative Calling this initiative an “engagement” initiative isn’t accidental or hyperbole. Rather, it is central to URU to accomplishing its goals: to encourage black, brown, disabled, and female young people to embark upon and succeed in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

This initiative is a multifaceted, customizable approach that designs programming to specifically address the unique needs of intermediate and high schools, as well as undergraduate colleges and universities, medical schools and other community settings. Aspects may include talks, workshops, mentoring, community building, book signings, and more.



Changing the Face of STEM: The Power of Collective Impact – A Call to Action continues the paradigm shift needed to design new approaches to diversity and inclusion in STEM and medical fields, and we are continuing the journey that began in Washington, D.C. in 2018. It is unique in both the scope of disciplines it engages, and the professional, ethnic, racial, and age diversity of its attendees – as well as its presenters and panelists.

This innovative approach separates Changing the Face of STEM from other initiatives. Not only does it bring together a broad spectrum of stakeholders, but its multidisciplinary, multimedia, multigenerational approach illustrates the immediate, visceral impact STEM leaders of today can have on the STEM innovators of tomorrow. The only way that change will be successful is if policy, research, and programmatic efforts work in tandem.


Master Builders of the Modern World (Front) 8.15.17

Master Builders of the Modern World: Reimagining the Face of STEM is a book that tells the stories of underrepresented populations and their contributions to the past, present and future of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). STEM fields are among the fastest growing worldwide, and yet those who are considered marginalized people are being excluded from these opportunities. By sharing all that black, brown, disabled people, and women have already accomplished in STEM, we hope to inspire the next generation of scientific minds to reach for the stars by showing them what people like them have achieved, and creating new role models.

Besides featuring luminaries from the present, Master Builders of the Modern World will reach back to the early roots of STEM and honor those marginalized populations that are not recognized as “builders of the modern world.”

Against All Odds: Celebrating Black Women in Medicine is intended for all ages in its ability to entertain, educate and inspire. Each doctor is profiled with a beautiful, high-resolution portrait and a personal narrative that captures their intelligence, strength and determined spirit. This full-color companion book details the rich history of Black women in the medical profession – a history we hope to help see taught in classrooms.

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