Our organization, URU, upholds a long-term commitment to moving the needle on a complex and devastating social problem: The shortage of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) opportunities for women and students of color.

The Changing the Face of STEM national education and engagement initiative is designed to encourage children to seek careers in STEM fields despite institutionalized lack of racial equity.

Building on the URU documentary Black Women in Medicine and the accompanying book Against All OddsCelebrating Black Women in Medicine, the project offers a series of intensive, hands-on workshops, with a number of events packaged as day-long school-based Residencies. The program draws content and inspiration from leaders in STEM fields to change the mindset of children from marginalized communities and their parents such that they can envision the wide-open possibilities for themselves and put their hands directly on the tools to move in that direction.

About the national initiative

About the book

About the film

The use of the word “engaging” to describe this initiative isn’t accidental or hyperbole; rather, it is central to URU to accomplishing its goals: To educate and inspire the next generation of women healers until that the day when women will no longer be the exception, but rather the norm in America’s health care system.

This initiative is a multifaceted, customizable approach that designs programming to specifically address the unique needs of intermediate and high schools, as well as undergraduate colleges and universities, medical schools and other community settings.



Against All Odds: Celebrating Black Women in Medicine is intended for all ages in its ability to entertain, educate and inspire. Each doctor is profiled with a beautiful, high-resolution portrait and a personal narrative that captures their intelligence, strength and determined spirit. This full-color companion book details the rich history of Black women in the medical profession – a history we hope to help see taught in classrooms.



Black Women in Medicine presents images and stories that counter the pervasive negative images and stereotypes of Black women commonly depicted by the media and in popular culture. The film addresses the nation-wide demographic disparity of minority physicians while paying tribute to pioneers in the field and showcasing recent graduates.

The film will not only challenge your preconceptions about what kind of person becomes a physician, it will help you rethink the barriers you may face in your life — and consider that there is infinite hope for your own success whatever your dreams might be. It is also a film that will encourage the next generation to set no limits on their own lives!