THE WALL OF TRUTH is an online community gathering space for sharing stories, images and reflections about overcoming personal obstacles. Conceived and produced by award winning filmmaker, author, educator and disability rights advocate, Crystal R. Emery, The Wall of Truth is a unique digital meeting place where participants post comments, ideas and questions about how to confront life’s most difficult challenges. The goal of the digital wall, plastered with stories of moving past roadblocks, is to illustrate that success doesn’t depend on being born into wealth or privilege — it depends on hard work, merit and belief in the power of positive outcomes. As part of her three decade commitment to creating arts-based programs that promote cross cultural engagement and empathy, Emery has created a distinctive digital experience that gives participants the opportunity to share their stories of how they achieved success despite formidable hardships.

By uploading candid ideas and insights, THE WALL OF TRUTH contributors help to build an online library of the human experience, and offers an elegant and responsive interface where participants’ reflections can have a direct impact on the lives of young people today by serving as a possible road maps (or cautionary tales) for future possibilities.

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