To challenge hearts and minds through the arts.


possible-oneURU The Right To Be, Inc puts a spotlight on racial, social, and economic justice issues facing our nation today.

Our goal is to foster communication and understanding among the diverse groups and communities that are directly impacted by these issues.

We do this by delivering arts-based programs, media initiatives, film productions, and literature that tackle tough topics that deserve their own narrative told through the lens of those most affected.

Since our inception our work has touched and inspired more than 2 million people across the United States and enriched the lives of over 100,000 children.

We’re guided by our core values: A strong belief and commitment to…

  • screen-shot-bwm_unc_06242016-34aaInclusion
  • Education
  • Quality
  • Enlightenment
  • Enjoyment
  • Civic responsibility
  • Personal growth